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Here Comes Santa Claus (4 Bass Version)

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Arranged & Performed by:
Norm Stockton
Drums by:
David Owens
Engineered by:
Mike Harris
at Signature Sound, San Diego, CA
Post production assistance by:
Rod Lincoln
at Studio 151, Overland Park, KS
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MTD 535 fretted
1965 Fender Precision through an envelope filter MTD 735 fretted
Fretless acoustic bass guitar with tapewound strings

This track was originally intended to be a hidden bonus track on The Outtengrand Orchestra's "A Dangerously Groovy Christmas" project, but it unfortunately didn't come together in time.

The melody is divided between four basses (was originally going to be split between bass, keys, sax and guitar). Refer to the sample charts above to see each part. For maximum effect, listen with headphones and/or something that will give good stereo separation.

Enjoy the bass madness...and may you & yours have a fantastic Christmas!