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Press & Reviews - Grooving for Heaven Videos

"Grooving For Heaven" DVD Endorsements

"I endorse & highly recommend these videos...very well done!"
- Abraham Laboriel, Sr.

"This is a fantastic resource for bassists of just about any skill level. It contains an amazing wealth of information, organized in a logical, sequential manner and the tools to send you well on your way to becoming a bass monster!”
- Michael Manring

“I really dug the DVD (The Art of Groove)...you have a way of putting things that gets the message out in an understandable way. You’re the cat’s meow. Dave Owens sounds great, too: you guys have a cool thing going on.”
- Matt Bissonette (Joe Satriani, Boz Skaggs, Ringo Starr, Don Henley)

"Norm Stockton did a great job with his DVD (Pondering Bass Technique). He pays attention to detail and is very thorough in his approach. His presentation is very clear so that beginning bass players will be able to follow him easily without it going over their heads. The DVD is nicely shot and looks very professional. Great job Norm, well done."
- Brian Bromberg

2004 Pondering Bass Technique by Bassically.net

For less than the price of a single private lesson, Norm Stockton has packed enough information into Pondering Bass Technique to keep even the most dedicated students in the woodshed for months. With over 2 hours of instruction...


2004 The Art Of Groove review by Bassically.net

“Norm Stockton is one of the finest bass educators in the world today. This video (The Art of Groove) is an indispensable resource for any aspiring bassist looking to take their grooving ability to the next level."
- News & Reviews - 03/07/04
- www.Bassically.net


2003 Grooving For Heaven - Vol 2 by Bassically.net

"This section (Taste - Volume 2) may very well be the most significant concept ever placed in an instructional video."
- News & Reviews - 02/06/03
- www.Bassically.net


Jul/Aug '99 - Bass Frontiers Magazine review

"This section (Modes - Vol. 2) alone is worth the price of both videos!"
- Bass Frontiers Magazine

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Bassics Magazine (Issue No. 37) Review

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