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Norm Stockton: Grooving for Heaven - Volume 2:
The Bassist & Contemporary Worship - 02/06/03

Grooving For Heaven - Volume 2 DVDIn this 90+ minute instructional video, bassist Norm Stockton addresses a variety of fundamental musical concepts, ideas, and bass techniques applicable to a wide range of musical styles. Even more importantly, Stockton discusses the often overlooked subtleties of what not to play in musical settings.

This volume picks up where volume one of this video series left off, Fingerboard Familiarity: Modes and Intervals. In this section Stockton guides you step-by-step through the modes of the major scale and interval memorization. If you have ever had trouble understanding how the modes of the major scale can be fully utilized in any musical situation, after viewing this section, you will see the light. Stockton outlines modal exercises and how to identify notes before you play them.

Next, Stockton delves into Bassic Communication and demonstrates how to add spice to your lines and say what you mean through dynamics, articulations, slurs, hammer-ons, vibrato, and ghost notes. In the part that follows, Stockton analyzes several bass idioms within country, jazz, funk, rock, reggae, and latin music. He also briefly mentions tonal settings for your bass which will enhance the overall sound of your lines in each style. Then, he takes a closer look at The Slap Style with numerous string crossing and octave-based exercises.

The next section is dedicated to the very subjective and somewhat intangible topic of Taste and how to contribute sensitively within the context of your given situation. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and vocal backing track, Stockton provides a number of examples and variations with skillfully interwoven bass lines. He offers advice on how to perform as a team member and how to say the most with your lines without detracting from the overall performance of the group. Very nice! This section regarding Taste may very well be the most significant concept ever placed in an instructional video. Lastly, Stockton shows how a bassist can expand the tonal palette with the mwah factor of Fretless Bass.

Bottom Line: Through his extensive travels performing and conducting clinics around the world, Norm Stockton has acquired years of experience as a professional bassist, and now he shares that insight with you on Grooving For Heaven - Volume 2: The Bassist & Contemporary Worship. Although this video was conceived with the bassist playing in a contemporary worship environment in mind, all of the topics included in this one-on-one video presentation are applicable to any beginner to intermediate leveled playing bassist looking to further develop their bass playing skills.

For more information on Norm Stockton and this video, visit: NormStockton.com

– C. Engel

This page reproduced by the kind permission of International Institute of Bassists.

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