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"Norm Stockton is a wonderful musician with a lot to offer..."
- Bass Frontiers Magazine (Jul/Aug '99)


"In my 25 years of producing and recording number one records, Norm Stockton's playing positively sticks out in my mind. He is truly a great player and musician. This guy is one funky soulful bass player."
- Steve Laury (Solo Artist, Fattburger)

2011 Boss Users Group Interview

Sideman, solo artist, and bass educator Norm Stockton is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier bassists. Since 2006, he has been the touring and recording bassist for chart-topping worship artist Lincoln Brewster, and he’s worked with many other prominent artists as well, including Vicky Beeching, Rob Mullins, David Pack, Brian Doerksen, and more. As an educator, he is perhaps best known for his popular instructional DVD series Grooving for Heaven, distributed by Alfred Publishing.

In 2001, Norm released his debut CD, Pondering the Sushi. Recorded almost entirely with a Roland VS-1680 V-Studio, this album received great critical acclaim among not only bass aficionados, but also the jazz community as a whole. For Tea in the Typhoon, his long-awaited 2010 follow-up CD which features musical guests Gregg Bissonette, John Patitucci, and others, Norm again enlisted the help of Roland and BOSS recording gear. This time around, the ultra-compact MICRO BR multitracker was called into service, and it became an essential part of Norm’s creative process as an audio sketchpad and organizer of musical ideas.


2010 Interview by Christian Musician Magazine

Christian Musician Magazine

One of the foremost bass players today, Norm Stockton stresses the importance of following God’s lead, even when you’re not sure where He’s directing you. It’s certainly paid off so far, in the blessing of family, his instructional DVDs which have helped so many, his two recordings as a solo artist, and in playing and touring with worship artist Lincoln Brewster. This past November at the Christian Musician Summit at Overlake, I was able to chat with Norm about some of his experiences, as well as glean a bit of his extensive musical knowledge. That conversation follows…


2010 Interview by International Institute of Bassists

Eight years removed from Pondering The Sushi, his acclaimed debut as a solo artist, Norm Stockton released his second independent production, Tea In The Typhoon. Spanning jazz, fusion, funk, rock, classical, and West African influences, Stockton's latest session features performances by John Patitucci, Michael Manring, Etienne Mbappe, Gregg Bissonette, Lincoln Brewster, and many other outstanding guest artists.


2010 Interview by For Bass Players Only

Norm Stockton is a bassist/composer/educator with extensive experience in a wide array of musical settings, ranging from jazz work with guitarist Steve Laury (solo artist, Fattburger), keyboardist Rob Mullins (solo artist, The Crusaders) and bassist Dominique DiPiazza (John McLaughlin Trio, Front Page) to arena rock as the touring and recording bassist with worship artist Lincoln Brewster.


2005 Interview by BassSource.com

BassSource: Hello Norm, it's a pleasure to have you with us!

Norm: Hello! Thanks for the invite!

BassSource: It was a pleasure hanging out with you at the 2004 Detroit Bass Fest. Can you fill us in on any news in your world since that time?

Norm: I really enjoyed meeting & hanging with you, as well.

Fall 2004 was rather hectic...but it’s certainly preferable to sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, so I’m sincerely grateful. I was out of town steadily from September through late November with a combination of performing and/or teaching at events and clinics in Honolulu, Philadelphia, Seattle, northern California and that event in Detroit. I’m actually typing this in Alberta, Canada, where I just completed 2 days of clinics.


2001 Interview by Bassically.net

As an educator with a deep-rooted passion for teaching, Norm Stockton has released an acclaimed video series titled Grooving for Heaven. As a bassist who possesses the rare ability to compose sophisticated-sounding arrangements and blow over solos with explosive exhibitions of technical proficiency, Norm Stockton has demonstrated his extensive skills on his debut solo outing, Pondering the Sushi.


2006 Jazz Life (Japan)

2006 Bass Magazine (Japan)

2004 Bass Professor Magazine (Germany) - European Bass Day 2003

2003 Interview by Musico Pro (Espanol)

2003 Bass Professor Magazine (Germany)

2003 Bass Magazine (Netherlands) - European Bass Day 2003

2002 Bass Player Magazine - Bassquake 2002

2002 Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) - London Clinic Review

After a successful appearance at the Frankfurt Musikmesse trade fair, US bass player Norm Stockton jetted into London to conduct an intimate bass clinic. Stockton has recently released his solo debut album, Pondering the Sushi, an eclectic collection of 13 tunes spanning jazz, fusion, funk, Latin and classical influences. Highlights include the Marcus Miller-esque thumb-groove of ‘The Race’ and a beautiful, haunting and sparse rendition of The Police’s ‘Roxanne’.


2001 Interview by Roland Users Group Online Magazine

"If you're a bassist, chances are you've heard of Norm Stockton; if you haven't, you're missing out. Norm possesses the rare combination of exceptional chops and broad musical sensibility - his latest recording Pondering The Sushi is evidence of exactly that."
- Roland Users Group Online Magazine (Fall '01)


1995 Bass Player Magazine

"Great technique...clean funk...Stanley-esque solo flurries...Norm can groove, too..."
- Bass Player Magazine (Dec '95)


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