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2001 Pondering CD review by Bass Frontiers Magazine

Bass Frontiers Magazine Cover/ CD review by
Bass Frontiers Magazine
Sept./Oct. 2001

Norm's debut solo album Pondering the Sushi is full of great tone, great songs and great players. Appearances by Rob Mullins yielded the spiritually charged "I'll Return For You" and the quirky, chops-laced "A Tender NAMM Moment", while the other keyboardists, Kamau Kenyatta and Scott Wilkie share credit for the other 11 tunes. Stockton's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" makes for a dozen well produced, smooth jazz tracks.

Norm credits Marcus Miller on the first track "The Race" by writing in the liner notes, "The bass line on this tune is my attempt to humbly acknowledge one of the true greats, Marcus Miller." Norms formidable chops and killer tone are present throughout all his bass lines and solos. Fantastic supporting roles from Larry Williams (trumpet), Steve Laury (guitar), Aaron Redfield (Cajon and Percussion), and others made this record a lot of fun to listen to.

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