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2009 Typhoon CD review by Bass Musician Magazine

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Norm Stockton | "Tea in The Typhoon," 12/01/2009
Norm Stockton | Self Produced (2010)
By Damian Erskine

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Norm Stockton
"Tea in the Typhoon"

Bassist/Clinician Norm Stockton has really outdone himself with "Tea in the Typhoon". Featuring Etienne Mbappe (one of my personal favorite musicians), John Patitucci, Gregg Bissonette and many others, this release is musically mature and full of depth. Although the playing is stellar throughout, it is really the music itself which really shines here. I found so much depth, emotion and musicality here that I can't help but to announce myself Norm's newest fan! I found myself especially drawn to his sparce, but beautiful horn arrangements sprinkled throughout the disc.

John Patitucci lends his beautiful upright work on a few tracks as well as one electric solo. Etienne Mbappe's unmistakable voice is a rich addition to "Grace Once More" and I found myself rewinding Etienne's fretless solo more than once.

Norm's playing takes a 2nd seat to no-one here, either. He quite obviously didn't need to bring other "A-list" bassists on-board, but rather I get the impression it was simply out of respect, reverence and a like-minded musical sympatico. His bass playing, soloing and melodic sense is just wonderful and I look forward to more from him for years to come. Norm seems to me to be an extremely humble and talented musician and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy the music presented here and plan on digging in to this one more than a few times!

Tea In The Typhoon CD Review - Bass Musician Magazine

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