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Pondering The Sushi CD

Pondering the Sushi

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Pondering the Sushi - Norm Stockton

CD Description

"My debut solo cd, Pondering the Sushi, is a collection of 13 instrumental jazz tunes with an organic and live feel. An eclectic project covering diverse musical ground, it features world-class jazz musicians including Rob Mullins, Steve Laury and Scott Wilkie. Eleven of the 13 songs are original compositions, while the remaining two include a sparse and pensive interpretation of The Police's Roxanne, as well as my solo bass rendition of the Star Spangled Banner recorded late one evening while overlooking the streets of Manhattan, NY, 31 floors below. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to share my musical vision with you. It is my hope that you will find Pondering the Sushi to be an entertaining and engaging musical experience.

Blessings - Norm"


CD Tracks & Samples

1. The Race
2. Pondering The Sushi
3. I'll Return For You
4. Blessed  
5. Roxanne
6. A Tender NAMM Moment
7. 14:12  
8. The 7 Pearls Of Monterey
9. >Autumn In Kingston
10. The Star Spangled Banner  
11. Come Before Winter  
12. Giavonna Marie  
13. Veggie Soup (Hidden Track)


CD Review

"...his deep-pocketed, Marcus-like slap grooves will leave you pondering this California bassist's thumb."
- Bass Player Magazine (Aug '01)

"Pondering the Sushi is full of great tone, great songs and great players. Norm's formidable chops and killer tone are present throughout all his bass lines and solos...a lot of fun to listen to."
- Bass Frontiers Magazine (Sept./Oct. '01)

"The album is excellent! The song you wrote for your wife ("Giavonna Marie") is beautiful..."
- Abraham Laboriel, Sr.

"...a pleasant instrumental collection..."
- Jazziz Magazine (July '01)

"Who knew that 'The Star Spangled Banner' could be so funky?"
- UCLA's Daily Bruin Online (October '01)

"What a great sounding disc...I am so glad you are sharing your music with the world. You are a great player."
- Adam Nitti

"Unlike most debut releases which only contain maybe 2 or 3 compelling selections carefully placed among a collection of mediocre sounding 'filler' music, Pondering the Sushi is a musically sophisticated effort from beginning to end. You will not hear a weak link...I can't ever recall hearing a bassist sound so comfortable in so many different settings. Norm sounds like a veteran recording artist on this, his first solo release! Bottom Line: Pondering the Sushi is one of the strongest debut outings that has ever come across my desk."

"...a veritable smorgasbord of different sounds...Stockton and company have attained a high level of creativity and performance on this disc."
- Christian Musician Magazine (Jul/Aug '01)

"Great feel, groove, time, touch, sound, slapping, and a real feel for Marcus Miller's style, which not a lot of cats can cop (check out the melody reading of "Roxanne")."
- Chris Jisi (contributing editor, Bass Player magazine)

"I am sitting here just DIGGING on the Sushi record. Been listening to it all afternoon. Great, great stuff."
- Will Denton (drummer with DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Nicole Nordeman, Erin O'Donnell)

"I enjoyed your CD...killer grooves, nice playing, great work!"
- Bobby Rock (acclaimed drummer/clinician/educator)

“...great bass playing with solid arrangements.”
- Steve Bailey (Dizzy Gillespie, Jethro Tull, Larry Carlton)

"The title track strikes me as one of the deepest grooves I've heard in a very long time...every track is sweet food for the ear."

"The disc is fantastic, to say the least..."


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