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Tea In The Typhoon

Tea In The Typhoon by Norm Stockton IMage

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Tea In the Typhoon - Norm Stockton

CD Description

Announcing the release of Norm's much-anticipated 2nd solo project...Tea In The Typhoon!

Featuring stellar guest artists including Gregg Bissonette, John Patitucci, Lincoln Brewster, Michael Manring, Etienne Mbappe and many others, this 12-tune collection takes the next step in the exhilarating musical journey that was Norm's acclaimed Pondering the Sushi solo debut.

Eight of the songs are original compositions spanning jazz, fusion, funk, rock, classical and West African influences. Also included are fresh arrangements of U2's classic, "Sunday Bloody Sunday", Sondheim's timeless standard, "Send In The Clowns", and Norm's solo rendition of J.S. Bach's "Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring".


"The making of Tea In The Typhoon was an incredible experience for me. Several of the tune ideas came from audio sketchpads dating back to shortly after the release of Pondering the Sushi back in 2001! Inspiration for others came as recently as early 2009, shortly before production began. It was such a gratifying thing to hear the profoundly gifted players on this project bring the music to life. Huge thanks to each of you for your interest and support of my music over the years! I'm so grateful and humbled. I hope you enjoy Tea In The Typhoon..." Norm Stockton


CD Tracks & Samples

1. At The Behest Of Penelope
2. Close Reach Home
3. Sunday Bloody Sunday
4. Tea In The Typhoon  
5. Runway 19R  
6. ...But I Play One On TV
(I'm Not A Fuziod)
7. Send In The Clowns
8. Grace Once More  
9. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring  
10. Rockefeller Forest  
11. Let Me Not Forget
12. Eternal Father, Strong To Save (Hidden Bonus Track)  


CD Review

"Great songs and breathtaking performances - perfect driving music!"
- Gerald Veasley (about Tea In The Typhoon)

"Norm Stockton shows on Tea In The Typhoon that killer bass technique and taste aren't mutually exclusive, that you can have lengthy quiet passages on a jazz/fusion album and still be compelling, and that you can have all-star guests like John Patitucci on your album without treating them like a circus freak who's there only to perform tricks. All that, and a killer Stockton groove, awaits anyone who digs bass and loves instrumental music."
- Bryan Beller, Bass Player Magazine

"Bassist/Clinician Norm Stockton has really outdone himself with "Tea in the Typhoon". Although the playing is stellar throughout, it is really the music itself which really shines here. I found so much depth, emotion and musicality here that I can't help but to announce myself Norm's newest fan!"
- Damian Erskine, Bass Musician magazine


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