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Norm Stockton Clinics

An extremely educational yet fun evening of lively music and highly practical suggestions related to enhancing your effectiveness as a bassist.

What’s covered?
A mixture of technique, approach/concept, gear talk, tips and further elaboration from Norm's acclaimed Grooving for Heaven DVDs...everything from bass/drum interaction to bass pyrotechnics will be explored in this casual and interactive setting!

Host a Clinic!
Considerably easier than hosting the World Cup...plus clinic hosts receive some nice “swag” for their efforts! If you’re interested in hosting a clinic in your music store, church or other venue, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on the Booking page.




"It's two days after the bass clinic in London and I'm still savouring the evening. It was fantastic!"
Stephen C., London, UK

"...truly a monster bassist and a superior clinician. Norm, the impact you made on the bassists there was extreme!!!!! You are the MAN."
Darryl W., Washington, DC

"Thank you for such a fun and informative session."
Brett F., Honolulu, HI

"Simply Awesome. Really sound advice, well delivered. You've got a knack for demystifying the whole game but without taking away any of the artistry and soul. God bless. Keep up the great work."
Michael S., Kent, UK

"Thanks so much for your investment into the Dallas musicians' world today. I really enjoyed your approach and the material you covered was awesome. Your humble spirit and attitude made for a great learning environment."
Dennis R., Dallas, TX

"I met you last night at the clinic, and was thrilled to have made it. It was probably the most informative and (of course) entertaining lesson I've had...very inspiring."
Chuck T., San Jose, CA

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