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Exercise Equipment

Ok...so you probably wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me, but I had been exercising regularly since February. Nothing crazy, just taking along some "Perfect Push-ups" and a resistance band with me when I go on the road...trying to be consistent and hitting it every other day.

The odd thing is that I started checking my body weight every few weeks beginning around May, thinking that it would provide some motivation when I started seeing some weight gain.  Want to know what's happened to my weight since May? I lost 9 pounds. Yep...I apparently was well on my way to becoming a "fat skinny man". Go figure.

Anyway, that's not the point of this rather vulnerable glimpse into my world.

It's rather that 3 weeks ago, I was feeling especially gung-ho and decided to hit the hotel weight room before heading for the airport to catch my flight home (the morning after we played at the LifeLight Festival in Sioux Falls, SD, for those of you keeping track). I proceeded to gank (yes, it's a verb) my shoulder and had to completely stop exercising for the past 3 weeks. Every time I even entertained the thought of working out, a sharp pain in my right shoulder would remind me to not be an idiot.

SO....this morning was the first time I've exercised since September 5. 'Course, not sure if it really qualifies as a "work out", as it consisted of 15 push-ups and 10 curls...but I decided that I'm too old to be injuring myself in the name of health.  Seems to make much more sense to ease back into things gradually.

Not that any of the aforementioned is of consequence to you, but it reminded me that sometimes (oftentimes?) it's the small stuff. Extremely stoked that my shoulder seems to be almost back to normal, and that I can resume my feeble efforts to invest in my physical health. Reminded me to be grateful for all the things that I usually take for granted.

Have a good week! :^)

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