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There are a few challenges dealing with a life that involves lots of travel ("missing my family" being at the top of the list), but there are a few perks...and near the top of the list is eating great food from different parts of the U.S. and abroad.

Kansas City is one of my faves in the midwestern U.S. for a couple of reasons. I've had a number of close musician friends in town for years and it's always great to hook back up with them on their home turf...and there's also the BBQ. :^)

I've been a fan of Gates BBQ for years, and never miss an opportunity to go grab a "beef on bun with bread, lean as" (translation: BBQ beef brisket on two slices of white bread - the way it's supposed to be, btw! - and as lean as possible). There are certainly a number of AMAZING barbeque places in KC, and I've eaten at a bunch...but there's just something special about Gates. The sauce is GREAT, too...got a little kick, but not too much...very tasty.

Grabbed a quick lunch at Gates yesterday with my good friends Rod Lincoln (drummer) and Kevin Rogers (guitarist). You've probably heard them if you're familiar with my music...they both played on my Pondering the Sushi project. Stellar musicians and good guys. And fellow lovers of the charred bovine! :^)

The pic doesn't do it justice...but that's my usual order, minus one small bite that couldn't wait!

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