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One of my favorite aspects of my musical life is getting the opportunity to interact and occasionally collaborate with some of the people who've been my musical heroes over the years. Even cooler is that many of these people have also become friends.

To date on the Tea in the Typhoon project, I've been so honored to have John & Sachi Patitucci, Gregg Bissonette and Rob Mullins contribute their artistry. And as of Monday afternoon, added to that list was none other than musical giant (and Grammy-nominee) Michael Manring. One of the most technically innovative, unique and brilliant bassists ever, Michael's also hugely expressive and emotive. I've loved his music since first hearing his Drastic Measures project back in the 90's. On top of all of that, he's also about the most genuinely cool person you're likely to meet. AWESOME guy.

I'll try to get a video blog posted soon, but suffice it to say that Michael tracked fretless bass (with liberal use of his amazing EBow) on a tune on the upcoming Typhoon project called "Rockefeller Forest" (also featuring Gregg Bissonette on drums). It's a vibey and emotive tune that has West African leanings rhythmically. I'm confident you're going to dig his stuff!!

Thanks for your interest & more updates soon!

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