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The timing of starting my blog coincided with a week of getting slammed with rehearsals and lots of playing for Good Friday and Easter services at my home church here in Orange County...thanks for your grace! I'll try to blog more regularly once I get going.

As "Christian observances" go, I'm a big Christmas guy...LOVE it...everything about it. Christmas musis starts playing at my house the day after Thanksgiving (if not sooner...Gina, my wife, is even more over-the-top than I am), I love the nostalgic feeling of gazing at the lighted Christmas tree in a darkened room, sneaking and hiding recently-bought gifts in the closet or studio to keep them from prying eyes, etc., etc. The fact that we're commemorating the birth of the Savior sends it reeling off the charts. Christmas rocks.

That stated...my favorite is Easter. Not so much for the nostalgia, but for the fact that without it, we are utterly without hope, and none of the rest of it matters. This weekend brings into clear focus that we have One who loves us...who willingly and deliberately stepped out of eternity to get dirty, humiliated, mistreated...and ultimately betrayed, mercilessly beaten and put to death in the cruelest imaginable manner.

I'm not sure who's quote this is, but it says it best:

"He paid a debt He didn't owe, because I owed a debt I couldn't pay."

...or something like that.

For that, Easter is the top of my list.

The tomb is empty.

May you and yours have a fantastic weekend...Norm

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