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Fun story surrounding a Lincoln Brewster concert in Springfield, Missouri, back in early February (way back in the days before this blog!).

Bad weather in the midwest diverted the band’s flights to St. Louis. After spending the evening in St. Louis, we drove 3.5 hours to Springfield…only to discover that none of the gear (which was scheduled to arrive directly from Dallas ahead of the band) had shown. A run to the local Guitar Center salvaged the gig, as both Lincoln and I played the concert on instruments literally right off the shelf.

There was no time to try to dial in the set-up on the bass, so it was all smiles during the set as I admired the ¾” clearance between the strings and fingerboard. I went for a couple of my normal licks during the bass solo and discovered en route that the new bass lacked several frets compared to my MTD J5. Oops. :^)

The band’s gear DID arrive in Springfield just in time the following morning to drive 3.5 hours back to St. Louis for the Dare2Share event at the Scottrade Center. It was an emotional reunion for both Lincoln and I and our respective instruments…

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