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Did a clinic last night in Castle Rock, CO (approximately 1 hour drive from Denver), and had a blast with the approximately 20 people who came (including Dennis, all the way from Nebraska, 4-5 hours away!). The smaller group allowed for a cozier vibe, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to Jeff Holcomb and The Rock in Castle Rock for hosting the clinic!

I flew in to Colorado yesterday to do the clinic, and the band is flying in today for a concert tonight at The Rock. This will be our first time playing together in about 3 weeks (took a break for Easter, plus a couple of us took a bit of time off), so hopefully we still remember the tunes. :^) I left a voicemail for Linc last night telling him that he needed to bring his A-game, as I'd talked him up to all of the clinic attendees (many of whom will be coming tonight)!

Tonight is the first date of a run that takes us to Iowa tomorrow, Chicago on Friday & Saturday (the final date of the Dare2Share tour we've been on since the fall - BUMMER...it's been a blast), and Albany, New York on Sunday.

The band flies home Monday, but I'll be spending an extra day with Michael Tobias re-shooting some video I shot at the NAMM show this past January for upcoming blogs (the NAMM footage didn't come out due to loud guitar noodling in adjacent booths...can you imagine?...what a shocker). :^) Look for future video blogs with Michael, the master luthier himself.

OK...better get ready for soundcheck.

Blessings- Norm

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