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I'm on my flight home from Sacramento after the final trip up here to Linc's studio to work on the new album ("Today Is The Day"). As of completion of our work last night (well...2:30 this morning, technically), it has been just over a total of 36 days spent up here in Northern California since work on this project began back in the fall (only about 3 of those days were spent tracking bass, with the vast majority being serving as a sounding board/creative consultant/punch-in'er-and-out'er/extra set of ears).

The project is sounding really great. I'm so stoked to have been involved, and am really excited to see how the CD is received. The early buzz is that this is some of the strongest material Linc's ever done.

I'll be hopefully posting a few audio snippets in the near future to give you an idea of what sort of stuff we've been tracking. It's actually looking to be a really diverse mix of music, with some classic LB hooky & highly accessible stuff (that should do well on radio) interspersed with some truly crazy playing. There are a couple of musical excursions we took that should prove lots of fun for guitarists and bassists.

For now...I'm just needing some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. :^)

Blessings- Norm

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