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On June 6, I returned from a 4-day writing retreat in San Diego, working on material for the follow-up to my "Pondering the Sushi" CD. It was a really productive time, and I emerged with the basic framework for 9 songs written. There's still quite a bit of preproduction work left to do in terms of actually tracking the tunes, but the time spent was invaluable nonetheless.

I encountered a hiccup to the process when my Pro Tools set-up got a corrupted file and stopped working on Tuesday night. I ended up having to drive an hour north to my home in Orange County to retrieve the program discs and drive back down to San Diego. Then after all that, I still had to deal with tech support on Wednesday morning and download a patch before the application would properly launch again. AUGH.

Anyway, this is all to say to those of you who've been regularly inquiring as to the status of the project...progress is being made, and a bit of momentum has been generated!

My family from Hawaii is now in town for a long-overdue visit, and I'm taking about 10 days off to just chill and hang out (speaking of long overdue!)...then I'm planning to resume work on this project at every spare moment I have.

Thanks for your interest & I'll keep the updates coming as I have them!

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