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Rushing to get ready for our recent gig at Angel Stadium of Anaheim (which was actually an amazing evening...more to come in a separate post), I jammed my thumb across the teeth of a packing tape dispenser, and watched the blood start to flow...much to my chagrin. The saving grace was that the gig that night wasn't going to involve any slapping.

The bummer was that another production retreat for the "Pondering" follow-up (dang...I definitely need to come up with a name for this project) started the day after, and it was going to involve a lot of slap work. Suffice it to say that I ended up having to bail on my original plans and focus on other aspects of the project...because my thumb was expressing its displeasure every time I even entertained the thought of considering the possibility of maybe attempting a potential slap or two. :^)

The pic was taken a few days after the initial slicing debacle (for those of you who are looking at the pic and wondering exactly how much of a wimp this Norm guy really is). :^)

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