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We were honored to play at the Southern California Harvest Crusade on August 16…what an incredible experience.

Aside from the exhilaration of leading over 45,000 people in worship…or sharing the stage with the multi-platinum band P.O.D. and our friends in Leeland...or catching a brief glimpse from the dugout of a packed-out pro baseball stadium and imagining for an instant how terrifying it would be to be next up to bat in a critical game with a gazillion people depending upon you…aside from all of that, the coolest thing was watching some 4,000 people respond to Pastor Greg Laurie’s invitation at the end of the evening. The entire outfield was packed with people. I’m sure there was much celebration in heaven that night.

This was the first event that Pastor Greg had done since the tragic loss of his eldest son, Christopher, in a car accident just over 3 weeks prior. Please pray for the Laurie family through this toughest of times.

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