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My profuse apologies for the delayed post...I've been absolutely swamped! I had intended to post occasionally from the recent tour in support of Lincoln Brewster's newly released "Today Is The Day" project, but by the time I was able to come up for air, it was over! :^) HUGE thanks to all of you who made it out to the concerts and clinics. It was exceedingly cool meeting so many of you during the tour.

It's currently about 1:30 a.m. & I'm in my hotel room in Indianapolis. I have an early call time in the lobby, so will try to keep this short!

I've received lots of emails over the years from folks who've wondered when my next solo project would be completed (my solo debut, "Pondering the Sushi", was released in 2001....yikes!). Here's a video blog that lets you in on the preproduction process over the past few months and gives you a behind the scenes look. I'll try to keep you updated as further progress is made (at this juncture, it appears that the first few months of 2009 is my window for completing it - my travel schedule looks like it will be lightening up just a bit).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Thanks again to all of you who've expressed ongoing interest in my music...your support is so appreciated!

Blessings- Norm





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