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Just coming up for air to let you know that I'm in NY for an extremely exciting session tomorrow for the upcoming project. More on that once we're done & the tracks are in the bag!

Also had a tracking session in Los Angeles with the incredible Rob Mullins (solo artist, Crusaders) on piano a few weeks ago...WOW. You're going to flip over his stuff. I'd forgotten what an amazing musician Rob is. You might recall his solos on Pondering ("I'll Return For You" and "A Tender NAMM Moment"). Even better this time, as all of the pianos on this project will be real (i.e., mic'd acoustic grand pianos)!

By the way, Rob gave me a copy of his latest cd, "Storyteller", and it is absolutely brilliant. I encourage you to drop by iTunes and check it out. I particularly dug the first 2 and last 2 tunes, but the whole thing is great.

Anyway, the only immediate bummer is that I started feeling a bit under the weather after landing at JFK yesterday afternoon. I'm laying low and hoping to not have a congested brain for the session tomorrow.

Thanks for your ongoing interest & I'll have details about tomorrow soon!

Blessings- Norm

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