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Norm at Angel Stadium 2011

Here I am on the last day of 2011, typing away and having difficulty grasping how the past year flew by so quickly (I acknowledge that it's somewhat cliché to say that, but I'm discovering that the cliché exists because it's TRUE!). Yikes.

Let me begin by expressing my sincere & heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your encouragement, interest & ongoing support. I'm profoundly aware of what a big deal that is, and remain humbled. Thank you so much.

Some of the highlights of this past year for me include (in no particular order):

*The beginning of this current season of sharing the bass chair in Lincoln Brewster's band (see my previous blog post);

*Almost 30 clinics in 15 states across the US and Canada. A few highlights for me included Sweetwater Sound, Bass San Diego, Biola University, Good Guys Music Honolulu, Saddleback Church, The Los Angeles Music Academy, Music Dojo Nashville, Atlanta Bass Gallery...and the rest of them, really - loved them all! :^)

*Concerts with Lincoln Brewster and band all over the US and Canada (Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, California, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nevada, British Columbia, Alberta, Colorado, Alaska, Washington). Some of my personal highlights included US Airways Center, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Rexall Place, and Lincoln's hometown of Homer, Alaska.

*Concerts with the Norm Stockton Group at:
NAMM Bass Bash 2011 (Anaheim, CA)
CMS at the Chapel (Buffalo, NY)
The Baked Potato (Studio City, CA)

*Shooting 26 tunes' (more on the way!) worth of instruction for the upcoming Art of Groove online instructional site. And the vast array of related things that involved, including negotiating licensing, purchasing a bunch of gear (computers, camera, lighting), learning Final Cut Pro, relearning exactly what I played on all of those songs (both mine and Lincoln's), video editing, video editing, video editing (did I already mention that?). The best part is that things are turning out GREAT. Stoked and targeting a launch sometime in the early-February 2012 timeframe!

*A handful of worship band consultations (one of my favorite things I get to do)

and perhaps most notably:

*In the midst of all of that, I still got more time with my family than I had in previous years! Highlights included trips to Hawaii and Seattle with Gina & the girls, teaching Carly how to both sail and drive (YIKES AGAIN!), a short trip to Northern California with Gina, numerous Disneyland excursions with the family (So Cal annual pass - YES!), and innumerable special moments I'm reminded of every time I look at my iPhoto library.  :^)

I'm so excited about 2012 and look forward to seeing you at a clinic, concert or online! May you and yours have a safe & blessed new year. Thank you again for the part you play in all of the above!! :^)



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