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Norm and Linc THRIVE 2010

Hello & sorry for my protracted silence on The Groovespot! It seems that my lifestyle is more conducive of tweeting and Instagraming vs. actual blogging...but I'm going to try to be more regular. Keep me to it! :^)

Life has been incredibly cool and a bit hairy at the same time, if I'm completely candid. It's an interesting and amazing season.

On the one hand, the scenario I described in earlier blogs (when I announced my departure from Lincoln Brewster's band) has definitely come to fruition: I can't tell you how awesome it's been getting the kind of quality time with my family that the past year has allowed. It's been INCREDIBLE and I wouldn't trade any of it for all the tea in China (presumably that's a lot of tea, and I do quite like it).

The flip side is that it's been an interesting journey of faith. I'm a freelance musician providing for a family of 4 in Southern California. The provider side of me looks at my schedule and starts to wonder what on EARTH am I thinking? :^) I'm prone to try to fill it up with travel, but I've sensed God on several occasions more or less telling me, "DUDE...why do you think I arranged this season for you? Enjoy your family and trust Me."

He certainly continues to establish a remarkable track record. It seems that in the nick of time, I'll receive a call for this session, or that conference, or that clinic or whatever. And almost always no more than just a few days out of town. Coincidence? I think not.

So...my only purpose in sharing this with you is that some of you just might be in a similar boat. Utterly dependent on God's faithfulness. And always, for some strange & sad reason, surprised when He comes through once again.

Lord, forgive me. You're awesome. You've given me every reason to trust & ZERO reason to doubt.

Seasons...may I take maximum advantage of this current very short season before my daughters are grown and gone. There'll be plenty of roadwork when the next season comes in a few blinks of the eye.



P.S. Huge gratitude to each of you ArtOfGroove.com subscribers for the part you play in allowing me to spend less time traveling these days. I'm humbled & very appreciative.

P.P.S. I'm still stoked to be doing occasional clinics, conferences, performances, sessions, etc. If you're interested, please contact me through the Booking page.

P.P.P.S. By the way, the above pic was taken about 2 minutes down the street from luthier Michael Tobias' home in Kingston, NY. Gorgeous!

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