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Thanks for checking out my FAQ section! Due to my schedule craziness, it is often impossible to respond to each of the inquiries I receive...but I definitely do want to answer as many of your questions as I'm able. Here are some of my responses to the most frequent questions I receive. I'll try to add to this as time permits. Thanks for your interest! God bless you & your grooving...


New bass you're playing with Lincoln Brewster?

The MTD J5 has become my main bass for working with Lincoln, which involves a lot of rock playing. I'm absolutely loving it for that...very growly and J-esque, but with MTD playability and quality. The playability factor helps a lot, as there's usually a bass solo at some point in the evening that necessitates a fast and easy-to-play instrument.

My J5 has a swamp ash body and neck, maple board, 34" scale and active Bartolini pickups and electronics. The quality of construction is definitely up to Michael Tobias' high standards.

It has a narrower sonic footprint, if you will, than my MTD 535's...which makes it sit nicely in the mix with layers of guitar, drums, vocals, keys, loops, etc. With minimal e.q., it is well-defined in the band setting, holding down the bottom end without being boomy.

Please see my YouTube channel for a clip of my interview with Michael Tobias regarding this bass.

Unfortunately, my two MTD J's are still prototypes, but I do know that Michael intends to put them into production as soon as possible. You might want to drop him a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further info.

Blessings- Norm

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