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Thanks for checking out my FAQ section! Due to my schedule craziness, it is often impossible to respond to each of the inquiries I receive...but I definitely do want to answer as many of your questions as I'm able. Here are some of my responses to the most frequent questions I receive. I'll try to add to this as time permits. Thanks for your interest! God bless you & your grooving...


Resources for Band


I've got a question. The band I play in has a bit of difficulty staying in good time and good tempo with each other. We want to improve. Do you have any suggestions? Do you know of some exercises or other resources that we can practice together on? Thanks.


Hey M.S.-

My suggestion would be that each bandmember spend consistent (daily) practice time with a metronome to develop their individual sense of time. As each member begins to get a better sense of rhythmic solidity, that will translate into better time corporately. I'd also recommend listening (as a band) to lots of groove-oriented music (James Brown, Motown, etc.). Begin band rehearsals with impromptu jams, but WITH the click track audible to all. Try to make it feel good while keeping to the click. HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. My 3rd DVD ("The Art of Groove") also has lots of exercises specifically for you & your drummer that you might find helpful.

Blessings- Norm

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