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Inlay Work on MTD 535 and MTD 735

MTD 5-String Inlay WorkMTD 535

On the slapramp, the chopsticks are fashioned from an incredibly rare, fossilized ivoroid (white plastic!). And the chopstick rest is made from banded cryscola.

The headstock's futomaki rolls are made with black mother of pearl, abalone and pink rhodonite. The tray is crafted from bianco nero and the rim is made of brass.

Truly...a headstock that looks good enough to eat.

All inlay work was done at Bass Alone in San Diego, California by John DiMaggio (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

MTD 7-String Inlay WorkMTD 735

Again the slapramp's chopsticks are fashioned from white plastic. But this chopstick rest is a lovely selection of red coral.

The headstock's shrimp and rice are made with yellow spiney, bianco nero and mother of pearl. The tray is fabricated from jet onyx and a rim of abalone.

Pass the shoyu and wasabi, please...

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