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Hair "Scrunchie" / Fret Wrap

"On your Grooving for Heaven video, I noticed a purple band on the neck of your bass, just above the nut. Looked like one of those fabric-covered elastic hairbands called "scrunchies." Were my eyes playing tricks on me? “Inquiring minds want to know...”

- David B. (via e-mail)

Yes, it is a hair "scrunchie"! It’s a really effective & inexpensive string mute. I had been looking for something functional like this for a long time...and was resorting to ridiculous things, like tying old socks around the neck (never for live playing...but even so...). Anyway, I then saw Victor Wooten using one of these...and I practically blurted out, “THAT’S IT!!!” :^)

I don't use it a lot, but it's really convenient to pull out at times. At this point, I primarily use it during a couple of sections of my solo bass version of the Star Spangled Banner where I’m doing some fairly bombastic slapping & tapping (rendering traditional muting technique less than effective). It's also helpful for muting the lowest strings when recording something involving extended playing on the higher strings.

**UPDATE - Feb. 8, 2011**
I've recently started using a brand new product called the FretWrap from my friends at Gruv Gear. Finally...a product that does what many of us have been trying to accomplish with hair scrunchies, but with complete effectiveness, ease of use and adjustability. I'm a big fan!

For further info, please visit Gruv Gear.

Fret Wrap Close-Up

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