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Grooving for Heaven - Volume 1

Grooving For Heaven Volume 1 DVD Cover - Norm Stockton

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The Bassist and Contemporary Worship

is a one-on-one clinic especially for the bass player seeking to establish that elusive solid foundation for their playing, with a focus upon the unique factors and considerations (musical and otherwise) encountered in contemporary worship. However, bassists at every level of experience will find their effectiveness enhanced through Norm's casual yet intensive look at a multitude of topics including:

  • Warm-Ups for the Impatient
  • Proper Hand & Bass Positioning
  • Fingerboard Familiarity, Part 1
  • Pre-Groove Studies (Rhythmic & Harmonic Pre-Groove Primer)
  • A Fresh Approach: Diverse Styles
  • What's Your Concept?
  • Practice...for Groove's Sake
  • Effects
  • The Heart and Ministry

DVD Special Features

  • Live Performance Music Video
    • We Will Stand
      • AJ DeGrasse (piano/vocals)
      • David Owens (drums & percussion)
      • Norm Stockton (fretless acoustic bass)
  • Technique for Tone
  • Road Case (Travel Tips)


Additional Information

  • ArtistNorm Stockton
  • Running Time76 Minutes
  • DVD FormatAll regions compatible.
  • Price $39.99 - Now $24.95

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