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The Art of Groove - GFH - Volume 3

Grooving for Heaven Volume 3 - The Art of Groove - Norm Stockton

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Grooving for Heaven - Volume 3

Taking Your Bass/Drum Relationship to the Next Level

The Art of Groove is an in-depth and engaging exploration into the relationship between the bass and drums in a contemporary ensemble. Together with much insightful input and consummate grooving by drummer David Owens (Thomas Dolby), Norm demonstrates and clarifies a multitude of concepts, exercises and groove considerations as he takes you to the next level. An indispensable resource for bassists and drummers pursuing maximum rhythm section effectiveness.

Topics Include:

  • Essential Ear-Training (Rhythmic & Harmonic)
  • Groove 101 (Concept/Approach, Bass Parts, Context & More)
  • Musical Genres & Groove Vocabulary: A Bass & Drum Focus
  • The Critical Subtleties (Tempo vs. Feel, Conveying Emotion Musically, Fills, Groovicidal Tendencies)
  • Bass & Drum Dialogues: Developing the Synergy

Also featuring live performances of Blessed and Veggie Soup from Norm's Pondering the Sushi CD.

DVD Special Features

  • Live Performance Music Video
    • We Will Stand
      • AJ DeGrasse (piano/vocals)
      • David Owens (drums & percussion)
      • Norm Stockton (fretless acoustic bass)
  • Bonus "Norm Cam"
    • A perspective from "We Will Stand" video shoot featuring uninterrupted footage of Norm's bass performance.


Additional Information

  • ArtistNorm Stockton
  • Running Time1 Hour, 54 Minutes
  • DVD FormatAll regions compatible.
  • Price$39.99 - Now $24.95

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